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Diego Mónaco


Location: Córdoba, Argentina

About Me

I know for sure that programming it’s my true passion, I want to write code every day until the last day of my life.

My first love history with a programming language was with Ruby, but then I started to play with Javascript and I realized that I loved it too, the same thing happened with frameworks and other languages (Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, ExpressJS, AngularJS, EmberJS, Go, etc.). I just enjoy so much learning and using any technology to make the computer bend to my will and solve real problems.

I’ve been using Ruby since 2007 and I think I know it pretty well by now, I’ve been attending to all the Ruby conferences around my country that I could pay for, I built a Ruby community in my city, I gave some technical talks about Ruby , I read almost every blog post on the planet and a lot of books about Ruby, I released some open source code…… but I don’t like to call myself a “Ruby programmer”, I am a programmer, a problem solver, I can (and I want to) program in any language or framework that’s best for solving the problem at hand, not because I know every language/framework, but because I enjoy learning new tools, I have what it takes, I understand the concepts and best practices behind the programming paradigms (Object Oriented, Functional, etc.) and these are common to every language, the rest it’s a matter of learning new APIs and syntaxes, and I have true motivation to do that because I enjoy it.

I like to write clean, readable, maintainable code and as decoupled as possible, I practice TDD when I think it makes sense, but I always write tests (back-end and front-end), be it before or after implementation code.

I am a full stack web developer, most of my work has been building web applications from scratch, from database design, passing through back-end logic, until front-end work with HTML, CSS and Javascript, so I can work autonomously without problems in any feature from end to end.

Technical Skills

GNU/Linux: (11 years)
Ruby: (8 years)
Ruby on Rails: (8 years)
SQL: (8 years)
Git: (8 years)
TDD: (6 years)
Javascript: (6 years)
jQuery: (6 years)
AngularJS: (2 years)
EmberJS: (1 year)
Coffescript: (2 years)
CSS: (8 years)
HTML: (8 years)
Go: (6 months)

Community Involvement

Work Experience

  • Full Stack Web Developer (2007 - present) at
    Database Design, Custom SQL, Ruby/Rails, Haml, Sass, Coffescript, JQuery
  • Full Stack Web Developer (2013) at Southdoctors
    Database Design, Custom SQL, Ruby/Rails, Haml, Sass, Coffescript, JQuery
  • Full Stack Web Developer (2013) at Techstacker
    Database Design, Custom SQL, Ruby/Rails, Slim, Sass, Coffescript, JQuery, AngularJS
  • Full Stack Web Developer (2014) at SimpleFinance
    Microservices, RabbitMQ, Ruby/Rails, Javascript, JQuery
  • Back-end Developer (2014 - present) at Ring
    Database Design, Custom SQL, Ruby/Rails, REST APIs, AWS
  • Full Stack Web Developer (2015 - present) at Swingby
    Database Design, Custom SQL, Go REST API ( spec), EmberJS


Spanish: Native
English: Conversational proficiency


Civil Engineering
Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
Graduated: April 2003